Easy Biscuits: A quick guide to baking How good are you at cooking? How good are you at baking? How well can you follow instructions in a recipe? Do you…

Review of Vocabulary A good check of vocabulary is important for English learning. Find Lesson Here

The car safety features and how they can save lives. Find Lesson Here

life insurance What do you know about insurance? How are premiums decided and how does it work. Find Lesson Here

Practice Conservation In the age of global warming, we need to learn and practice conservation.  A clean planet is a safe future for the coming generations. Find Lesson Here

Test taking skills are necessary. Find Lesson Here

Health is very important; in our everyday activities we can subject our health to various risks. What are some of the daily health risks we can face? What do you…

Reading comprehension and summary. Find lesson here  

  This lesson gives students tool to use in both speaking and writing contexts.It provides them with new essential vocabulary to understand use and remember essential language tools.

The first lesson is a time to get to know students, introduce yourself and explore possibilities for students and teachers to collaborate in a learning journey.
This lesson starts with and interest inventory followed with a vocabulary/ comprehension assessment.

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