Entrepreneurship (business vocabulary) Entrepreneurs are people who start up and run their own businesses. The U.S. economy was built on the bright ideas and hard work of its entrepreneurs. Let’s…

Gattaca In the future, eugenics is common. A genetic registry database uses biometrics to classify those so created  as « valids » while those conceived by traditional means and more susceptible to…

India’s Girls Go Missing: Absence and Impotence Story writing Find Lesson Here

India a land of many Flavors By the end of your lesson you should be able to: • Improve your vocabulary • Learn how to discuss current political and economic…

The first lesson is a time to get to know students, and exploring possibilities for students and teachers to collaborate in a learning journey.
This lesson starts with and interest inventory then it aims at:
• Improving students vocabulary
•Teaching how to discuss current political and economic issues
• Teaching report writing
• Using expressions to describe images and sceneries
• Improving presentation skills and opinion expression
• learning grammar rules through practice
• Improving reading, speaking, listening, presenting and debating skills.
• Improving researching and content evaluation skills

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