School rules

In the school:

  • You must be on time.
  • You must respect your teachers and your classmates.
  • You mustn’t put your papers on the ground.

In the classrooms:

  • You must be quiet and you must listen to your teacher.
  • You mustn’t eat or drink.
  •  You mustn’t use you mobile and you mustn’t listen to music.
  • You mustn’t laugh at others.
  • You must help others pupils.
  • You can ask for help when you don’t understand.
  • You must concentrate and work hard.

In the playground, during break:

  • You can use your mobile and you can listen to music.
  •  You can chat.
  • You can eat and drink.
  • You can run.

If you breach one of these rules, your parents will be contacted and you may get an after school detention.

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